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Sell Bitcoins & ETH, USDT

Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and all other major cryptocurrencies and get Naira Fast. We give good rates without compromising Quality assurance.

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Google play gift cards

Google play gift cards and Various other Brands of Gift Cards depending on what you have For trading..

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Buying of iTunes Cards

Trade your iTunes gift cards for naira or bitcoins in Nigeria. We Buy Physical Cards, Ecodes, Big Codes (E.G Single $200). We Buy USD, CAD, AUD, EUR, GBP. .

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Amazon Gift Cards

Sell Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria and get paid Naira very fast. We Accept Cash, Debit, Credit Receipt and Without Receipt. We Buy Ecodes and Single Big Cards.

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Steam Gift Cards

Trade your steam wallet gift cards for naira or bitcoins the easiest way in Nigeria. We Accept Any denomination From Major Countries And No Receipt Is Needed.

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Gift cards scam is rampant, it is normal to develop cold feet. However, you can trust us.

1Where Can I Trade My iTunes Gift Card?
If you want to sell iTunes cards or Amazon gift cards and other gift cards. You can message us on Whatsapp to initiate a trade. Be calm, your gift cards are safe and payment is guaranteed once the card is valid.
2How Will I Be Paid When I Sell Cards?
When you trade your Amazon gift card or sell iTunes gift cards and others to us, just provide us with bank/BTC details, you get the payment within 5 minutes.
3How Long Before Payment?
When selling gift cards in Nigeria to us, within 2-5Minutes, you'll be paid.
4Do You Buy Gift Cards 24/7
We guarantee to be available for trades for as much time as possible. Almost all the time.
5How Do You Pay For Gift Cards?
When you want to exchange your iTunes gift cards for naira, or when you want to sell amazon gift cards for cash or just any other gift card, we Pay Naira from and to any bank in Nigeria. We pay BTC Via Paxful and Ethereum Via blockchain. Kindly specify your preferred payment method when trading with us.
6What Is The Minimum You Buy?
We buy a minimum of $25. However, we might decide to change this at any time.

Sell Your Digital Assets To Us

As one of the most prominent and safest platforms to sell gift cards and cryptos in Nigeria, we accept a wide variety of asset options. Some of them are listed above.

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